Membership Fees

Membership Option 1 – The competitive team membership fee for the 2016 season is $475.  Team uniforms and apparel are an additional cost.

Each membership fee includes:

  • Operating Expenses, which include facility use fees, insurance, USATF, AAU and RRCA team membership fees, legal fees, Website maintenance and other misc. team expenses related to management of the team.
  • Meet Entry Fees
  • Uniform (extra fee)
  • Meet Sweats (extra fee)
  • Athlete Gift
  • End of Season Banquet
  • Team Awards
  • Training Fee

Membership Option 2 – Developmental and Training Only  team fees are $175 per MONTH.  (Payable 1st of each month while training)

Membership fees are not refundable or transferable.

The following is due at registration:

  • Regular registration fees
  • Registration form filled out completely
  • Copy of birth certificate

An initial deposit of at least $175 is required to reserve a spot on the team.

All fees are due no later than June 1, 2016.

Athletes will not be allowed to participate in any practice until all membership fees are arranged in full and paperwork is complete.

Competitive Team
Tony, Robert, Marvin and Tarsha will be responsible for the entire operation of the competitive team – all questions pertaining to the team should be directed to one of the following leadership team members below.

Leadership Team: